Signature Bamboo Fusion Massage

AED 750 60 min
AED 1125 90 min

As a result of its powerful healing properties, bamboo massage is considered a powerful therapeutic massage tool in China, Japan, and many other countries. Utilizing the bamboo cane, the healer is in a position to produce a deeper, firmer, and more thorough massage, as the bamboo cane is controlled and used similarly to their hands to rub the muscles. Bamboo stalks are of various lengths and are evenly angled. The longer sticks have a strong impact on muscles including those in the thighs and back. In addition to improving physiological health in general, bamboo massage will also help with specific health issues. The result is an increase in blood flow, reduced inflammatory disease pain, reduced neck and shoulder discomfort, improved nerve function in the system, and treatment of sleep disorders. Further, it improves muscle flexibility as well as joint quality as well as fat-cell breakdown. A simple yet effective treatment!

In Dubai, the Palm Spa offers a range of highly skilled and licensed masseuses who not only provide excellent services in a tranquil environment, but also provide a way to pamper your skin while relaxing your muscles. We offer 60-minute and 90-minute bamboo massages. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by customization, according to us. Our professionals strive to provide customized services to each customer. Stop by our spa center or check out our website for more information.