Cupping Massage

AED 700 60 min

We offer professional Cupping Massages at our Luxury Spa and Massage Center in Dubai, Palm Spa. Cupping Massages are beneficial in relieving chronic pain for customers. The resulting deep-tissue massage relieves pain and inflammation, improves blood flow, and induces relaxation. With our Cupping Massage treatments, we help increase blood circulation, ease inflammation, enhance relaxation, and reduce overall discomfort. It is a proven technique that helps cupping massage treat a variety of conditions with its simple, yet effective technique. Additionally, it is believed that these cups also stimulate major acupressure points, making them effective when it comes to treating digestive and skin issues. Even the most challenging client needs can be met by our experienced and capable team of therapists.

Palm Spa carries out a 60-min cupping massage that relieves sore spots by working through the pain points. Providing excellent service to each and every client is our primary goal at a well-established massage studio. All the way from the moment you enter to the moment you leave; our therapists will make sure your treatment is relaxing. Our unique individualistic approach, dedication to each client, and unsurpassed techniques have made us one of Dubai's most sought-after massage centers. If you're curious about our Cupping Massage, please contact us. You'll find we offer excellent value for your money!

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