Double Paradise

AED 1500 60 min
AED 2098 90 min

A four-hand massage offers a very unique sensation thanks to the medium pressure it uses. Dubai now offers a first-class spa experience where four hands work in harmony to benefit the mind and body. Since we use large, long strokes in our massage, you will feel completely relaxed afterward. The results of this massage are better than those of other types. The blood glucose levels in your whole body as well as the oxygen levels in your blood increase when you receive this massage if you lead an active lifestyle. Please let us know how we can best serve your needs so that we can tailor our services accordingly.

Therapists at Palm Spa use coordinated movements when working with the same patient. Four-hand massages are similar to receiving two full-body massages at one time, which are soothing. Expert massage therapists choreograph targeted movements at varying speeds and pressure levels, based on the client's needs. Several hands perform different types of massage. We provide our customers with luxurious spa services that make them look and feel their best, including a minimum of 60 minutes of four-hand massage. As you receive your treatment, you will be enchanted by the quality of our products and the ambiance of the spa. Book your appointment today on our website.