Lomi Lomi

AED 945 60 min
AED 1470 90 min

During a Lomi Lomi massage, one feels relaxed and at one with the universe, thus releasing blockages and preparing the mind for new possibilities. Toxins are removed from the body through various detoxification processes, as well as tension is released, pains are healed, and the immune system is strengthened. A popular massage method available across the globe is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. The motion of kneading and rubbing like the paws of a cat is called Lomi Lomi, which works wonders for lymphatic nerves, similar to Hawaiian and Samoan dialects. Hawaiian culture associates aloha with togetherness, love, and breathing. In this way, this kind of massage is rooted in Hawaiian culture. The purpose of our Palm Spa and massage center is to provide unmatched Lomi Lomi healing for those suffering from stress on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

A massage uses soft, smooth strokes while gently pressing on the joints. While applying pressure to several different parts of the body, the masseuse integrates the physical and spiritual elements of massage. Lomi Lomi massages help to maintain balance and cohesion throughout your body. Providing our valued customers with a relaxing, rejuvenating experience with a wide range of spa treatments and massages, Palm Spa provides a wide range of therapeutic treatments. The popular Palm Spa massage is available in 60-minute or 90-minute versions. Let us help you arrange a massage now.