Tension Relief Massage

AED 725 60 min
AED 1125 90 min

The Swedish massage works by rubbing the muscle tissues in long, spiraling strokes to encourage blood to return to the heart. In addition to relaxing muscles, Swedish massage offers many other benefits. The degree of oxygen inside the blood may be increased by increasing the flow and improving flexibility. Generally regarded as one of the most enjoyable and restorative massages, it is especially popular across the globe. Styling, kneading, and rubbing are all techniques for achieving relaxation. Among the benefits of rubbing down are stepped up blood flow, reduced tissue toxins, and reduced strain levels.

The Swedish enjoyable rub-down sessions can be enjoyed for 60 minutes or 90 minutes at Palm Spa. For the duration of the treatment, we encourage you to reach out to our therapists. Thus, they will be willing to listen to your suggestions. If you are interested in booking the Swedish Relax Massage, you can reach us via WhatsApp.