RuSpa Dubai. Tension Relief Massage


35 min — AED 525 470

Facial Massage is a widely popular skin care treatment that helps to rejuvenate and achieve healthier skin. Muscles that lie beneath our facial skin are prone to sagging and will become soft with aging unless they are exercised. The result of aging is that you will be left looking tired and strained with bowed eyebrows, wrinkles, and folds appearing across the face. At Palm Spa a licensed massage therapist will help you relieve stress, headaches, and sinus congestion through techniques tailored to your skin type.

A session of facial massage will begin with the therapist deciding on your skin type and then selecting products suitable for you. The first step during the massage process is the cleansing of the face and neck using a massage cleanser. This is done to remove any makeup or dirt on your face. The next stage involves the exfoliation of the skin using a scrubber or exfoliating cream to clear away dead skin cells. Once the pores on the face have been opened up, the therapists will proceed to clear individual pores which may have been clogged with oil or dead cells. The next step will involve the actual massage of the face using smooth relaxing strokes that will stimulate your facial muscles.

The duration between individual facial session can vary from person to person. Ideally, to maintain a healthy-looking skin, it is good to get a facial massage every 30 days. A typical session can last up to an hour but if you are looking for a more personal touch you can opt for a 90-minute session. Facial massages for men are formulated to combat common skin problems such as razor burns, dullness and sensitivity.